What Does Attempting Data Recovery on an iPhone Mean? Fixed!
July 10, 2023

What Does Attempting Data Recovery on an iPhone Mean? Fixed!


Is your iPhone stuck in the Apple logo and attempting a data recovery loop? What does attempting data recovery mean on the iPhone? Find ways to fix the iPhone’s attempted data recovery issue. Recently, I purchased an iPhone 7 but I forgot its passcode. We attempted to use iTunes to perform a factory reset. There was only one 0xE800015 error message. when we eventually reach the appropriate iTunes screen. iTunes needs to be updated. Once that is gone, the iPhone is stuck on a white screen with the message “Attempting Data Recovery.” Is there any way to know how to fix this issue?

 Is there any way to know how to fix this issue

When using iTunes to restore from a higher iOS version to a lower iOS version without a backup, some of us ran into the same issue. It took a while for the “attempting data recovery” screen to appear (perhaps 10 minutes), and then it said to “press home to recover.”

The message “iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because it is locked with a passcode” will be displayed by iTunes, and no data recovery procedures will be performed during this time.

On the screen of your iPhone, the phrase “Attempting Data Recovery Failed” will repeatedly show. After making numerous attempts at data recovery, your iPhone will finally become inoperable.

What does trying data recovery on an iPhone actually mean?

Many iPhone owners are curious as to what it means when the device attempts data recovery. Users from all around the world have reported that when they attempted to install iOS updates, their iPhones became stuck in the ‘attempting data recovery‘ cycle. Although “Attempting data recovery” can also happen during an upgrade via iTunes, some users feel that updating via iTunes is better.

When you try to update an iPhone or iPad to iOS 16, 15, 12, 11, 2, or 11,4 via OTA or iTunes, the “Attempting data recovery” error message appears. As a result, the update is delayed and some or all of their data on their iPhones is deleted. The issue has not received an official justification or fix from Apple Company.

It’s possible that your iPhone’s storage space is extremely limited if the warning “attempting data recovery” appears after you upgrade to a new iOS. Small storage iPhone models, like the 16GB iPhone, are more likely to experience this situation, however large storage handsets are equally prone to it after an update.

Possible reasons for attempting data recovery iPhone

When iOS is upgraded via iTunes, data recovery attempts on iPhones are common. There are three instances in which the iPhone attempts data recovery.

  • Downgrading iOS from iOS 14 to iOS 13 or earlier
  • When updating using iTunes Update, users must detach the iPhone from the computer or Mac book
  • iOS following jailbreak

There are numerous approaches you could try to fix the attempted data recovery loop based on the experiences of customers who have resolved the update error. If you lost data as a result of the “Attempting data recovery” error after an iOS upgrade, there are still ways to recover lost data from your iPhone.

How to Get Out of a Data Recovery Loop

Some iPhone owners have found themselves stuck in the “Attempting data recovery” loop, which is driving them mad. In any event, you might try the procedures listed below to repair your iPhone while attempting data recovery.

1: Press and hold the Home button.

There’s no need to fear if your iPhone is locked in data recovery mode. Simply press and hold the Home Button until the update is complete. After the update is complete, your iPhone will resume normal operation. If you cannot wait for an extended amount of time, you must seek alternative methods.

2: Restart the iPhone.

If your iPhone continues to display “attempting data recovery” with no progress, a hard restart may help you resolve the issue. A force restart is always an excellent technique to solve a wide range of iPhone issues. There are several steps for forcibly restarting different iPhone models.

different iPhone models

3: Boot your iPhone into recovery mode.

If force restarting does not work, you can resolve the data recovery problem by placing your iPhone into recovery mode. This method is often beneficial when an iOS update fails and you need to reboot your phone to remedy the problem. It is important to note that this procedure would most likely wipe all of the data on the iPhone.

  • Connect your iPhone to the computer in step one.
  • Restart your iPhone, but don’t let go of the buttons until you see the Apple logo and the “Connect to iTunes” screen.

Connect to iTunes

  • Then open iTunes. A pop-up notice will appear, giving you the option to Restore or Update. “Update” should be selected. iTunes will attempt to reinstall iOS without erasing any data. If “Update” does not resolve the problem, repeat Step 2 and select “Restore” which will erase all data on the iPhone.

select "Restore," which will erase all data

  • Wait for the update or restore process to complete and set up your device.

What happens when the iPhone goes into recovery mode?

Entering Recovery Mode on your iPhone will delete all of your iPhone’s data. Keep in mind that you must reinstall it as if it were a new device. You can recover iPhone data by restoring it from iTunes backups. You may set it up and download some stuff from your iCloud if you haven’t already. 

How to Recover Data Following a Data Recovery Loop Fix

Putting your iPhone in recovery mode may resolve the “iPhone stuck at Apple logo” problem, but you will lose all of your iPhone data. After attempting data recovery loop fixes from iTunes or iCloud backups, you may be able to recover lost data from your iPhone.

Methods for recovering data from an iTunes backup

 1: Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone to the computer where you previously made an iTunes backup.

2: Navigate to your device’s icon and select “Restore Backup” from the Backups menu.

Restore Backup" from the Backups menu

3. Select the latest backup and click “Restore”.

Select the latest backup and click “Restore”

How to Recover iPhone Data from an iCloud Backup

You may recover iPhone data from an iCloud backup after resetting your iPhone after attempting data recovery.

Step 1: On the Apps & Data page, select “Restore from iCloud Backup.”

On the Apps & Data page, select "Restore from iCloud Backup

Step 2. Sign in with your Apple ID and choose the most recent backup from the list.

How can I retrieve deleted iPhone data?

After attempting to recover data from your iPhone, you may discover that some data has been lost. How do you get them back? The simplest method is to use a third-party iPhone data recovery tool such as MyRecover for iOS. Simply download and install it on your Windows computer before connecting your iPhone.

The software will automatically scan your iPhone to locate deleted or missing iPhone data. It can recover photographs, videos, contacts, call history, notes, voice memos, and WeChat history, among other things. You can quickly recover erased data in three simple steps. 


Assume you experience such an update error in the future. In that scenario, you may quickly resolve the problem and get rid of the iPhone stuck on the “Attempting Data Recovery” error by force restarting and entering recovery mode.

Furthermore, the most important thing to avoid losing iPhone data is to perform regular backups using iTunes or iCloud. A freeware-FoneTool could be a fantastic option for backing up your iPhone’s vital data selectively or completely. As a result, you no longer have to be concerned about your Vita data being lost due to an iPhone upgrade fault.

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